• Heritage Tavern (map)
  • 131 E Mifflin St
  • Madison, W
  • United States

Mike Holmes, proprietor of the Wickman House (Ellison Bay, Door County) joins Heritage Tavern bar manager Clint Sterwald to sling warming whiskey cocktails.

Holmes has been mixing booze in glasses for over 15 years. After more than 10 years honing his bartending craft in the New York bar and restaurant scene, he returned to his native Wisconsin in 2012 to open Wickman House, a bar-centric, hyper-local restaurant in Ellison Bay. With a love for the classics and a passion for invention, he is constantly on the quest to create the perfect concoction. 




Sal Diablo  $7

George Dickel Rye, bertina elderflower, lime & cherry heering, Frank's Red Hot, cilantro & soda


Double Barrel  $7

Bulleit Bourbon, George Dickel Rye, cappelletti, cocchi vermouth di torino, dolin dry vermouth, bittercube trinity, lemon tree & door county hops bitters & maraschino


Jolene  $7

Bulleit Bourbon, peach purée & bitters, lemon, egg white, orange flower water & sparkling wine


Bobbin’ Apple (created for Bob Nueske)  $7

George Dickel Rye, applejack, lemon & house grenadine; garnished with Nueske’s bacon


Final Ward (our interpretation)  $7

George Dickel Rye, lemon, génépy, & maraschino


Sazerac (our interpretation)  $7

George Dickel Rye, absinthe, bittercube orange & bolivar bitters, angostura & peychaud’s