• Gib's Bar (map)
  • 1380 Williamson Street
  • Madison, WI

After Distill America winds down, hop on Cocktail Week's magical school bus and head to Gib's Temple(ton) of Fernet for an evening of soft landings, stomach-settling & globe-trotting merriment. Did that Corralejo El Diablo just wink at you? Think you can handle another rye classic? No? Then slurp up some Free Noods; a sobering weekend staple at Gib's; our basement prep cook's sole source of satiation; and most likely, your salvation.

Then head back in and we'll provide Fernet in 5 different mediums. You belong to the camp that thinks vermouth and fortified wines are for just for gents who pay too much for their pants? We'll blast your palate with vermouth jamz that'll give you a craving the next morning when you're at brunch, laughing at everyone else suffering a hangover.



Sparkling Corralejo  $6

Corralejo Silver, citrus cordial, Carpano Bianco & sparkling wine


Cola con Branca  $6

Fernet Branca, house cola, sassafras


Fernet & Cola Slushie  $8

Fernet Branca, House Cola, Liquid Nitrogen


Toronto  $8

Templeton Rye, Fernet Branca, Demerara


Late Night Reviver  $7

Fernet Branca, gin & house ginger beer


Fernet Gelée  $3

Fernet Branca & Gelatin


Banana Daiquiri  $10

rums, banana, blender & shouting


Piña para Mí  $10

white rum, pineapple, sake & coconut