• Maduro (map)
  • 117 E. Main St
  • Madison, WI
  • USA


Stop fretting about Eddie Lacy's diet plan, and take a moment to enjoy Titletown-inflected Tullamore Dew cocktails at this iconic downtown cigar bar. Pioneering Green Bay cocktail stalwart Tony Oczus, of Proof & Libertine, will envelope Maduro’s Jeremy and Carl in a whiskey-warmed embrace.



Tullamore D.E.W Old Fashioned Sour (On Draft)  $6

self-explanatory : one of the few things in the world not improved by a rambling Jeremy Bazely parable


The Enchanted Shandy  $7

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, lemon, honey, white tea pilsner syrup, bittermen’s hopped grapefruit bitters, pilsner foam


The Gunpowder  $8

Glenfiddich 12yr, lemon, crème de cassis, fernet, cinnamon syrup & black walnut bitters