• Breese Stevens Field (map)
  • 917 East Mifflin Street
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States


Paul Guse provides the color commentary. DJ Nick Nice keeps the party moving across the field. No hiding in the dugout: come one, come all to the 2016 Midwest Wiffle Invitational! Cheer for your favorite Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis drink-slingers as they compete for the title of Wiffle Champion, and the honor of passing around a shiny replica trophy when they get back home. (A hometown play-in game will allow Madison bartenders to compete for their place on the city’s roster. The Barmadillo will be on hand to whip-up Death’s Door’s Gin, Vodka, and Wondermint cocktails to slake your thirst––and a slew of food carts for the appetite you work up, cheering, dancing, or simply laughing.

Barmadillo Cocktail Menu


Game Changer Death’s Door Vodka, Orange Gatorade… Carbonated, cause why not?


Straits Old fashioned Sour Death’s Door Gin, Lemon and Orange Juice, Cherry and Angostura Bitters


Six Inning Sipper Death’s Door Gin, Wondermint, Lemon juice, Oolong-Honey Syrup, Dry Vermouth


Pitching Hand Punch Death’s Door Vodka, Apple-Rosemary Vermouth, Lemon Juice & Sugar


Fall Tonic  Death's Door Gin or Vodka, Gentian, Cinchona, Thyme, Rosemary


Wonderboy  Hot Chocolate, Wondermint, Kringle Cream-Cream