• The Studio (map)
  • 625 Williamson Street
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States


From instructor Cass Hanson: “Whether discussing extraordinary food or beverage, balance is a term that often comes up. When fine-tuning a fulfilling  life, we must have balance. In yoga, balance is not just about standing on one foot - rather it is the coming into balance on all levels, with physical and mental health. Sipping tasty cocktails and eating rich foods are enjoyable ways to experience life, but attention to our overall well-being is essential. This class is designed for people who love to indulge in food and drink - but are looking for ways to create lifestyle balance. This class will focus particularly on life in the service industry, but the topics can be related to all. Expect a 1-hour Yoga Practice at The Studio, for all levels. Absolute beginners encouraged, as well as long-time yoga practitioners.  The session will begin with a short discussion on lifestyle balance both at work and play. Wear comfortable, moveable clothing, and bring a yoga mat.” Don’t have one? MCW has you covered.

After class winds down, participants are welcomed down the hall to Sardine for their choice of N/A refreshment or a low-ABV cocktail featuring liqueurs and aromatized wines imported by Haus Alpenz.

Tickets $15