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Home Bartender's Shopping List

Home Bartender’s Shopping List

  • Jigger

  • Y-peeler – express yourself

  • Knives – 1 paring knife; 1 serrated bread knife

  • Shaking Tins – 18oz + 28oz

  • Mixing Glass – 500 or 550ml.

  • Barspoon

  • Hawthorne Strainer

  • Basket/Bird’s Nest Strainer

  • Julep strainer – pure vanity

  • Juicer

  • Base Spirits

  • Bitters

  • Sugar

  • Adjunct Ingredients

  • Centrifuge – spin class

  • Rotary evaporator
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Agave Gauntlet : Mariah Renz

Mariah Renz arrived in Madison in 2006, a transplant from the wilds of Ohio, and quickly proved herself a real-deal badass, and major contributor to the Madison cocktail scene. Her work at such legendary joints as Café Montmartre, the notorious and now James Beard-nominated Osteria Papavero, and the Capitol’s iconic cigar bar, Maduro, has led to her current post at the helm of the bar at Julep, the newly-minted Southern whiskey-in-a-tin place to be. We would recommend always agreeing with her.

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Agave Gauntlet : Clint Sterwald

Madison Cocktail Week organizer Tom Dufek has known Clint Sterwald nearly 10 years, first meeting at Milwaukee’s Hi-Hat, where Tom toiled under Clint’s iron fistas an apple-cheeked young barback. Perhaps Tom was projecting. To the rest of us, Clint’s simply a mensch and avid staff mentor who crafts balanced, food-friendly cocktails and has a flair for the dramatic garnish.

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