Some competitors in MCW's kickoff, the Agave Gauntlet: Casa Noble Cocktail Relay, are longtime pals, some are relative newcomers; some gregarious, some a touch reserved: we figured we should level the playing field by helping them, and you, get to know each other a little better a head of time.


Lucas Endres grew up in nearby Sauk City and spent several years drifting across the snow clouds of Idaho and Colorado before moving back to the Madison area.  He stumbled into Merchant almost three years ago and was hired as a barback based solely on the luscious sheen of his goldie locks. 

This resilient fellow survived an organ imperiling incident (he still has his colon, rocks bedamned) to become a key part of the Merchant bar team and active member of the USBG’s WI chapter. His interests include listening to Fetty Wap, Mariah Curry and puppies (fluffy ones).

Place you work + your shift schedule:
Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.

twitter handle:

Who do you consider a mentor? Most important lesson they taught you?

Tom Dufek has taught me a few things

1. Get rich or die trying

2. The proper way to kill a fruit fly

3. That sometimes you have to barback for a year before you can even get a brunch shift

What sensations/emotions does the phrase "personal brand" immediately invoke?

Warm and tingly

Favorite work of art:

My hammock

Tequila: sip neat, or in a cocktail?

Is he talking to Hastings about that @&#!&*! interview?
— Lucas Endres, on this exercise


MSG: Parmesan or Uncut Powder?

Full brick

Setting aside lime & orange – what are your go-to flavor combinations for agave-based distillates?

Chartreuse + Mezcal

I like my tequila green and smokey

What's your favorite Wisconsin/Midwestern source of acid – something tart/tangy to balance a cocktail?
Apples and those little green candies from Ha Long Bay

Over-under on how soon Wisconsin will be wine country:

Parlez-vous francais?

Your favorite tool (bar... or life):

Thor (left) and Lucas (right) share mouth-daiquiris

Thor (left) and Lucas (right) share mouth-daiquiris

Flavor Bible

Favorite vessel you've sipped out of:

I once drank a daiquiri from Thor's mouth... it was glorious